About us

RÉZO is a fashion brand for all women who are looking for timeless, classy designs.

As part of keeping our collection unique, all the designs are offered in limited edition. This way you can be sure you always look special.

The most important thing for us, is to make sure you always get the best product we can possibly give. For that reason, we defined the following three ideas to guid us in every step of the way, from our imagination to your closet... 

Quality - All the designs are designed by RÉZO and made Locally, so we can really be part of the production process, and make sure it is all done according to our standards (and our standards are high!)

Aside from carefully choosing and inspecting all fabrics, accessories and hardware, we also perform quality control throughout the entire process. That way we can make adjustments as we go, and make sure the final product transforms from sketch to reality in the best possible way.

Trust - Trust is the foundation of every relationship, so we promise, here and now, that we will never hide anything from you! We never cut corners, and never use small print. We will also never offer a fictitious "sale" or unfairly calculate our pricing.That's just not us.

Respect - The respect we have for our customers, our product, and brand.

When we started, our vision was to create a brand which we all would love to be its customers, and our mission now is to maintain it the same way it is today. We hope to make you feel the same.

Welcome to RÉZO!