About us

My name is Lior Ozer, CEO & head designer of the women's fashion brand RÉZO. My fashion design journey started in NYC, where I lived, worked, and got my academic education; Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from F.I.T, and Master's degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute.

After I moved back to Israel, I learned about the different dress codes between women from different backgrounds. Religious based mainly. As a non religious guy, I found that topic very interesting, so I started researching it and learning it on a deeper level.

I talked to many different women, from different backgrounds and realized that no matter where they came from, or what their background was, they all loved fashion and cared a lot about the way they dressed and expressed themselves through their wardrobes. 

When I realized that, and learned that because of all the different dress codes not everyone can shop everywhere and wear everything offered, I decided I wanted to have a fashion line where dress codes are not the issue. Working on a line that will be relevant to all women from all backgrounds, with no differences. Something that any woman would be allowed to wear. 

That's how the RÉZO seed was planted. 

First step in building the brand I wrote in front of me the three most important values and rules of thumb that would lead the company from that moment on. The golden three are Quality, Trust, and Respect.  

Quality - All the designs are designed by RÉZO and made in Israel. Since that's where the company is located, it gives us the ability to watch the production process very closely, and make sure every step is done according to our standards (and our standards are high!)

Aside from carefully choosing and inspecting all of the fabrics, accessories and hardware, we also perform quality control check throughout the entire process. That way we can make changes and adjustments as we go, and make sure our final product transforms from a sketch to reality in the best possible way.

Trust - Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Therefore we promise you that we will never hide anything, never cut corners, and wont use any strategy of small print (who even came up with that idea?!) when you have nothing to hide you don't need them. 

We will also never offer a fictitious "sale" or unfairly calculate our pricing.That's just not us.

Here at RÉZO, we will never do to others what we would not appreciate anyone do to us.

Respect - This refers to the respect RÉZO has to its customers, its product, and to itself. 

I can honestly say that while developing this brand, the most important thing for me is to build a company that I personally would love to be its customer. 


Whether you are secular or religious, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, we have you all in mind, and  hope to make this brand your favorite. 

Welcome to RÉZO!