Terms of Use

RÉZO Site Terms of use
Last updated on February 18th, 2019

  1. General

1.1 These terms of use constitute a binding legal agreement. These terms and conditions will apply to any use by a user (hereby: the “User“) in the site [site name] (hereby: the “Site“), and to any purchase you will make by the site, including purchase by application and/or phone purchase, and constitute a binding agreement between you and the [site operator] (hereby: the “Site Operator“). Read these terms and conditions carefully and in full. The terms and conditions headers and clause headers are for convenience only. To remove any doubt, these terms and conditions shall also obligate any supplier towards the site operator, and in any case, shall not be seen as an agreement for the benefit of any third party.
1.2 For additional information regarding the site and its activity, you may contact the site operator’s customer service at info@rezofashion.com or by phone 052-4239498.
1.3 Competence. A mature individual, of 18 or more years of age, who holds a valid means of payment, may use the site. You may not make orders without disclosing the details of the credit card or other means of payment acceptable by the site operator.
1.4. The use of this site is subject to its privacy policy, constituting an integral part of this agreement, without infringing on the site’s privacy policy. Please read it carefully. Providing your email or otherwise subscribing to receive messages from us constitutes your consent to receive commercial offers from us, in accordance with section 30a. to the Communication Law - 1982.
1.5 Sale pages. The site operator allows you to purchase, using the site, various products and services (hereby: the “Products“), in a convenient, speedy, and easy manner and at attractive prices.
For any product or service offered for sale, a “product page” is displayed, including the offered product or service, price, specifications, warranty and supply details, payment terms, and other relevant details (hereby: the “Product Page“).
1.6 Products by other manufacturers. In case the site operator will offer for sale products manufactured by third parties, this will be noted in writing on the sale page. In this case, the full liability for the products will be that of the relevant suppliers, and the site operator shall not be held liable for them.

  1. Product supply/delivery

The site operator shall ensure the delivery of products purchased on the site to an address in Israel and/or a pre-agreed collection point, as given at time of the order and according to the supply terms noted on the product page of the products or services.
2.1 Order completion date. Only a confirmation about the fulfillment of the order received in the client’s e-mail, including the relevant order details. A confirmation is not a confirmation that the product exists in the stock. The order’s completion date shall be seen as the date of the confirmation of the order by all the following, cumulatively: (A) the client’s credit company’s approval; (B) the supplier’s confirmation that the product is in its stock; (C) the site operator’s confirmation (hereby: the “Definite Date“). All definite dates, including for determining supply dates, shall only be counted from the definite date, per Clause 43 of the Contract Law (General Part), 5733 -1973.
2.2 Supply and delivery to limited areas. In areas restricted for access for security reasons, as defined from time to time by the security authorities and/or enforcement authorities, the site operator and/or the suppliers shall be permitted to supply the products to the clients in an accepted adjacent place, coordinated with them ahead of time.
2.3 Delays; calculation of dates. We try to send any order as soon as possible but cannot obligate to the products’ supply times by Israel Post or in any other shipping method. The dates only include the calculation of business days (Sunday through Thursday, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves, and holidays) from the date of completing the order as defined above.
2.4 Self-collection. The purchaser of a product may collect the product directly from the site operators’ warehouse at the address Yosef Lapid 1, Netanya. In case of doubt if self-collection of a given product and place of collection, you must contact the site operators’ said customer service.
2.5 Identity verification and requirement of further details. The site operator may require, at any time, additional details or references (such as presenting an ID) regarding the user and/or the credit card used for the order, including for identifying and/or signing the credit card owner on a voucher as a condition for the product’s delivery.
2.6 As far as the site operator knows, the products sold on the site exist in the stock. Products which are out of stock are removed from the site. However, it is clarified that the site operator cannot guarantee with full certainty that a given product is in stock or ensure its existence at any time, and this shall not be relied upon.

  1. Violations and Remedies

It is agreed that the site’s records and the site operator’s systems constitute an Institutional Record as defined in the Evidence Law [New Version], 5731 – 1971, and shall constitute total evidence for the truthfulness of their contents. The site operator may, but is not required to, enforce the site’s terms of use and act in any case when there is reasonable fear of their violation by any user of third party. In case of malicious content, or content which is unacceptable for any other reason, the site operator shall act according to the “notification and removal” procedure and shall remove the violating contents within a reasonable time from receiving the notice.
3.1 The site’s contents may not be copied. Among other things, and without infringing on the provisions of nay law, the site may not be copied, replicated, distributed, advertised, or its contents used in any other way, without the prior written permission of the site operator.
3.2 No third-party rights may be violated. It is strictly forbidden to copy and/or publish images and/or trademarks and/or specifications and/or videos from the site without prior written permission from the site operator or the appropriate holder of rights. The site operator may use a notification and removal procedure in any case of fear of third party copyright infringement, including intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks, and any other right, at its sole discretion. Any party shall be liable to its actions and failures including regarding contents published by it. The site’s operator shall not be held liable to third-party violations.
3.3 Without infringing on any other provision, the following provisions shall apply to any user and regarding any product or service on the site:
3.3.1 The users must fairly fill in accurate and true details.
3.3.2 It is hereby clarified that the site operator may revise and/or amend and/or add to and/or delete and/or not consider and/or not display any content item or part thereof, and all without being required to notify about this ahead of time or retroactively.
3.3.3 As a rule, the site operator may display the contents or part thereof automatically. All contents are displayed as-is. The site operator shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to direct or indirect damages as far as they will be caused to nay party, including to the users, because of and/or related to the contents.
3.4 The site operator may cancel any order and/or prevent a user or supplier from participating in sales on the site, by blocking them, including in any of the following cases, which do not constitute an exhaustive list:
3.4.1 The action performer has committed an illegal act and/or violated the law;
3.4.2 The action performer has violated any term from these terms and conditions;
3.4.3 The action performer has disclosed, on registration and/or later, in writing or by phone, misleading details;
3.4.4 The action performer has acted or failed to act in a manner which may harm the site operator and/or any on its behalf and/or the site’s regular operation and/or any of the suppliers and/or any third party;
3.4.5 The action performer intends to sell and/or trade the product or service it will acquire.
3.4.6 In case a writer’s mistake has occurred in the product’s description, be that in its price or in its description;
3.4.7 A notice on canceling the order shall be given to the client by phone and/or in writing by e-mail, as updated in the customer card.

  1. Consumer Protection/Transaction Cancellation/Sale Cancellation and/or Failure to Supply

4.1 A client may cancel an order only per the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 5741 – 1981 (hereby: the “Consumer Protection Law“) and the regulations formulated according to it.
4.2 Notice of cancellation. The notice on cancellation must be sent in writing within fourteen days from receiving the product.
4.3 Canceling an order. The cancellation of an order shall be done by written notice alone, per the details at the head of the Terms of Usage or the customer card’s page on the site.

  1. Void of Liability and Limited Liability

5.1 General limited liability. The site operator shall not be held liable to any damage caused in relation to or following use of the site, including by any third-party action or failure.
The site operator shall not be held liable or accountable except when explicitly given in this agreement and according to non-conditional provisions of law
The site operator’s liability, in any case whatsoever, shall be limited to the maximum degree allowed by any law. The above shall not infringe on the provisions of any law, including the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 – 1981.
5.1.1 No liability to third-party contents and sites. The site operator shall not be held liable to contents published in links existing in the site leading to other sites which are reachable by said link.
5.1.2 No liability to technological services. The site operator commits every effort to keep the site operating normally. However, the site operator does not guarantee that service in the site shall not be disrupted, given regularly without intentional or other stops, errors, and malfunctions, including malfunctions in hardware, software, or communication lines, and shall not be held liability to any malfunctions and/or disruptions in the worldwide Internet and/or Bezeq lines and/or international communication lines allowing dial-up access to the Internet. Without infringing on the above, the site operator shall not be held, directly or indirectly, liable to any technical problem preventing you from ordering a product by the site and/or update an order and/or perform any action by the site.
5.1.3 Lack of presentations. The site operator does not grant any presentation unless explicitly written and signed by it, including, but not limited to, any presentation regarding suitability to a commercial purpose, special or general.
5.2 Order cancellation is an exhaustive and final remedy. The exclusive and exhaustive remedy provided to the user in case of a fundamental violation of any engagement for ordering a product or service shall be the cancellation of the order, and the user shall have no further claims against the supplier or site operator.
5.3 No liability in case of a clear mistake. The site operator shall not be held liable to an exceptional and clear apparent mistake in the formulation of the description of any product or service. Product images exist for demonstrative purposes alone and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site, in part or in whole, and the actual sold products.
5.4 No liability to indirect or special damages of any kind. Without infringing on the generality of the above, the site operator and/or any on its behalf shall only be held liable to direct and material damages caused to the user or a third party, resulting from use or purchase from the site, and shall not bear any indirect, consequential, or special damage, including the loss of income and/or prevention of profit caused for any reason whatsoever.
5.5 Total void of liability regarding the site’s activity. Without infringing on the generality of the above, the service at the site is provided as-is, with no implicit presentation or obligation. The user or action performer shall have no claim or demand towards the site operator for the service’s features, characteristics, limitations, or suitability to his needs and requirements.

  1. Applicable law

The interpretation and enforcement of these terms and conditions, and/or any action or dispute resulting from it, shall be done according to the laws of the State of Israel, and shall be deliberated, if needed, in the courts of law in any of the court district cities in Tel-Aviv or Central Israel.
6.1 The form of these terms and conditions, as published on this site, is the decisive form at any time, and it is subject to the site operator’s sole discretion; it may change it at any time.
6.2 All the provisions of the terms of use are subject to the provisions of law.