Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Last update: May 27th, 2018
The site’s privacy policy is an inseparable part of its Terms and Conditions.

  1. Privacy policy. The site operator does not disclose information to third parties. The site operator undertakes not to misuse the information in any way, but may, unless required by any law, use information to prevent misuse of the information or to protect its rights. The site operator shall allow access to the information only to its employees or contractors who require the information to provide their service.
  2. The information we collect includes only contact details and transaction documentation as required by law. Information about a given user, or in general, will include, among other things, all the details he has given, directly or indirectly, to the site’s operator upon registration to the site and/or afterwards and/or details related and/or resulting from his activity in the site, including information collected about the user and his activities when surfing the site and performing actions in it.
  3. Information retention and transfer. The user knows and hereby agrees that any information of him will be retained in the site operator’s databases.
  4. Without infringing on the generality of the above, when registering to the site, the user allows the site operator to collect said information and also disclose, as required, information to related parties, including companies held by the site’s operator (subsidiaries) and/or holding it (parent company) and/or held by the same owners (sister companies) and/or any other company related to the site’s operator in business activity or otherwise, in its entirety, alone, or with others (hereby: “related parties“).
  5. Consent to receive advertising material. Upon disclosing the user’s details, including registration to the site and/or providing an e-mail address and/or fulfilling a user’s order, may allow the site operator and/or related parties to send him, in any mean of communication and at its discretion, messages of any kind related to its activity and/or the site’s activity and/or the activity of other sites from the site operator’s group including sites operated and/or managed by the site operator and/or related parties, including proposals for purchasing an asset or service and/or advertising mailing of any kind whatsoever and/or system notices and/or service announcements and/or other messages to clients.
    1. Removal request per the Communication Law: You may, at any time, to request to be removed from the site operator’s mailing list, including by clicking on the removal link at the bottom of each mail message sent to you by the site operator, and in that case, no messages will be sent to you, which constitute advertising material as defined by law.
    2. Removal request per the Privacy Protection Law: Alternatively, you may request your removal from the site operator’s database, and in that case, all listings related to you will be deleted apart from the removal request itself, and data we are required to hold by law or to exercise our rights per any law.
  6. You must keep your user name and password confidential. The personal user name and password are intended for personal use only. In no case the site operator shall be held liable to any breach of privacy or any other damage caused by unauthorized use of the personal user name and password.
  7. Permission to disclose user details to third parties. The user hereby permits the site operator to transfer his details to third parties including related parties as defined above, including for providing services, and to courier companies and/or product suppliers and/or similar service providers, including for providing the product or service ordered from the site, offering related products and services, and/or advertising, and/or other services.
  8. Disclosure of information without identifying details. The site operator may use the details you provide for statistical data analysis and its disclosure to related parties and any other party for examining the number of site visitors, purchase habits analysis, general analysis, adapting advertisement according to surfing habits, and for any other purpose, including to improve the site’s activity and the services it offers. In that case, the data will be anonymous and will not refer to you personally or identify you, and the information will be usable in any way, and disclosed without limit.
  9. Use of cookies. The site may use various small text files, stored on the client’s computer’s hard drive (cookies), to provide you with quick and efficient service and save you from the effort of inputting your personal data every time you sign on the site. You may set your browser to prevent or delete the installation of “cookies” on your computer.

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